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Tour the Almanor Basin with Google Earth!
The Lake Almanor Watershed Assessment project compiled large amounts of digital mapping information. Much of this data was used to create the maps published in the final report.


New online mapping tools are making it easier for us to share mapping information online. The Sierra Institute has compiled most of the available mapping for the Almanor Basin into a 'virtual tour'. We have done this by creating overlays which drape map layers such as zoning, streams, subwatersheds, and geologic type over a three dimensional landscape that the user can move interactively. This 'virtual tour' uses a free software program called “Google Earth.”

Google Earth allows anyone with a moderately fast internet connection to view 3-D satellite imagery of anywhere on earth. While the satellite images used are not "real-time", the Almanor Basin and most of Northern California were imaged in 2005.

To view the virtual tour:

1.  Install the Google Earth software program on your computer by clicking here.

2. Download one of the Almanor Basin Virtual Tours from the list below.

3. Open the Google Earth software, and use the 'FILE>OPEN> menu to load the file that you have downloaded (.kmz)

4. The tour that you load will show up in the 'Table of Contents' on the left-hand side of your screen. Highlight the folder that you want to tour, and click the '>' (play) button at the bottom of the menu.

Click here to download the Almanor Basin virtual tour to your computer.
Click here to download the Stairway of Power tour to your computer.
Click here to download Almanor Basin GIS layers in Google Earth.

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